An effective tool for people who have tried everything

We understand that people who undergo bariatric surgery have often struggled with their weight for years. Most admit they have tried trendy weight loss plans, dieting and exercise, but the weight always returns. If you have difficulty losing weight on your own, bariatric surgery could help you effectively manage your weight and improve your quality of life.

Relief from chronic health conditions

Combined with a comprehensive program, weight loss surgery has been shown to help improve or cure obesity-related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea, arthritis, asthma and high cholesterol People are often surprised to discover that conditions such as diabetes go away the first day after surgery, and other chronic conditions may improve within weeks Our patients commonly experience rapid weight loss during the first year, followed by more gradual loss. Once you have achieved a healthy weight, we’ll help you establish a lifestyle to maintain your weight at that level.

Non-scale victories and life after weight loss

Healthy weight loss isn’t just about the number of pounds a person has lost. We also emphasize the importance of “non-scale victories,” little everyday moments made better by weight loss. That could mean something as simple as being able to tie your shoes or play with your child again. It could be traveling in an airplane without a seat belt extender or wearing a bathing suit again. Or eliminating medications or sleeping without a BiPAP machine. At Ellis Medicine, we understand that everyone’s weight loss experience is different. We’ve developed a program that can be personalized to address your needs and weight loss goals.